Summer is in full swing! Drop by Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:30-ish or Saturday 9:00 to 3:00-ish. We have new inventory from all our brands and great deals on last years stock. Coming in soon the long awaited Transition Bandit and exciting news of  a new frame design by Transition.


Hank flies with a little help from Transtion Bikes

Hello everyone who is visiting this Website. I really appreciate it. I also really appreciate all the people who have been resisting the urge to ride when conditions are not very good. It has been a Horrible summer for Mountain biking with all this rain. Mountain biking has grown by 20 fold in ten years and that means trail conditions must have a standard in order for them to stay in top condition. Let’s face it the days of Mud were fun ;but now they are gone. With so many property owners ALLOWING us on their land the only sensible solution to preserving trails is through this respect for their land and Mother Earth herself. Remember leave no trace. Make everyday you ride a trail day. Carry a saw so if there is a blow down on the trail that needs cutting out then you can cut it. If there is branches on the ground or dangerous limbs sagging from a tree,say face height, then stop and fix it. Do Not let it pass for the next person to possibly get hurt. Be Well, Turn off idling cars and lights and Ride a Bike. Remember only You can Prevent Trail Damage.