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Hank is not only a world class mechanic, but also one heck of a trial builder. His zone of choice [and handshake land use] is Cady’s Falls Network. Don’t count on a laminated, color-coded trail map. This is old school, twisty, turn left by the bucket kinda stuff. The way mountain biking started. Due to the small network, low volume building style, riding in bad weather is highly frowned upon, so please respect the condition reports.

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Cady’s Falls Trail Report

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Vermont has Winter. Yes it does and it can be long. Fat-biking not only allows you to keep riding through the winter, but it’s CRAZY FUN! The best part is you don’t have to wait in a lift line or chase powder to enjoy it. Don’t get us wrong, we all love a good pow day, but those don’t happen everyday out here in the east. The Chuck’s Bikes crew also grooms a large portion of the Cady’s Falls Network through the winter for Fat bike specific use.

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