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Hello everyone! Welcome to the shop.

Thank you for visiting the website. I really appreciate you taking the time. I also appreciate all the riders who have been resisting the urge to ride when trail conditions are poor. We have had consistently slow and rainy starts to the Mountain Bike season. The sport has grown 20 fold in ten years which means trail conditions must maintain a standard in order for them to stay in top condition. Let’s face it the days of Mud were fun; but now those days are gone. With so many property owners ALLOWING us on their land, the only solution to preserving trails is through conscious respect for landowners and Mother Earth herself. Remember to leave no trace. Make everyday you ride a trail day. Carry a saw, so you can clear blown down trees on the trail. If there are branches on the ground or dangerous limbs sagging from a tree, maybe head height, then stop and fix it. Do Not let it pass for the next person to possibly get hurt. Be Well, Turn off idling cars and lights and Ride a Bike. Remember only You can Prevent Trail Damage.
Thank you,
Hank Glowiak